Was Niall Horan's Relationship With Celine Vandycke Predicted Years Ago?

Vas happenin' Celine?

Before we begin… we’re super stoked that Niall Horan's most obvs found love with new girlfriend Celine Helene Vandycke as the two we’re all so happily going public this week with warming our hearts in like forever.

But besides all of the happy feels, it’s time to get down to science… as we just realized that One Direction actually saw this whole thing coming years ago!

Wait, what?!

Remember 1D back in their fetus years – I mean who could seriously forget these glorious times – when this actually happened:

Ok, ok… this might just be a strange coincidence, or it could be the full-blown ‘written in the stars’ fate shebang thing.

Well whatever it is, Niall seems completely infatuated with Celine and so are we.

You go Neline.

Wednesday, 13. July 2016