Geordie Shore Exclusive: The Top Sh*gger Of The House Has Been Crowned

Drum roll please!

As founding members of the Buck Squad, Gary Beadle and Scott Timlin know a thing or two about bangin’ birds.

But despite of their undeniable set of skill Scotty T and his partner-in-crime Gaz, have had a long dispute on who’s actually the ‘top sh*gger’ of the house.

Until now… drum roll please!

Gaz and his eager beavery parsnip have bucked Charlotte Crosby and Marnie Simpson. He’s also got frisky with Holly Hagan and necked on with Vicky Pattison.

But Scotty T and his chopper have banged Holly, as well as getting frisky with Chantelle and Chloe, and tashin’ on with Marnie, Charlotte AND Vicky.

Why ayeeee! The Turbo D*ck takes the crown!!!

Tuesday, 12. July 2016