12 Tweets Proving That Katy Perry Is The Queen Of Twitter

  • 12 Relatable Tweets That Prove That Katy Perry Is The Most Popular Person On Twitter >>>

  • 1. Some musical inspiration for Katy’s next album, perhaps?

  • 2. My 9-year-old self feels your pain, Katy.

  • 3. Now we know Katy Perry is a neat freak like Monica Geller in Friends or Danny Tanner in Full House.

  • 4. I wonder, does this skin care fascination mean she’s one of those people who secretly digs pimple-popping videos?

  • 5. Let’s hope it’s not 31.

  • 6. Blame it on the allergies.

  • 8. If anyone can get Twitter to add an edit button, I’d expect the most-followed user could.

  • 9. Ugh, don’t you just hate it when that happens?

  • 10. Thanks for bringing your “Fireworks” to Twitter, Katy!

  • 11. *ba dum tss*

  • 12. Beyoncé would approve of this Lemonade ritual.

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    Plus 90.2 million followers prove it too... we guess.

    Besides celebrating the 4th of July last weekend, Katy Perry most probably was celebrating the fact, that she’s officially the most followed person on Twitter. Her 90.2 million followers not only prove it, but also beat out Justin Bieber (84.1 million) and rumored frenemy Taylor Swift (79.1 million) – congrats gal.

    Perry’s response to this oh-so-enviable achievement? “Dang this is tight,” she naturally tweeted.

    In order of Katy’s big day, here are 12 totally (relatable) tweets proving that Katy Perry is the well deserved queen of the Twitter Kingdom. Observe…

    Wednesday, 06. July 2016