15 Celebs Who Are Obsessed With The Snapchat Puppy Filter

    Hands down! Who of you isn’t absolutely obsessed with Snapchat? Especially when it comes to that one special filter feature… the puppy one!

    Not only does it make you look seriously way too cute to handle, but it also makes you look super flawless (we know this might sound a bit weird, but fact is fact).

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    But why exactly does this combo blow our minds every single damn time?

    Here are few things to eventually break it down:

    As pointed out by New York Magazine, aside from the obvious additions to your face when using the filter it actually widens your eyes, smooths out your skin and thins your face shape too.


    There’s also the fact that if you don’t really like your nose it completely covers it, as well as not being too obvious with the skin smoothing.

    Not exactly scientific, but that does explain a lot… and Kim Kardashian, Bella Thorne, Niall Horan, Kendall Jenner and many more totally agree with us on that.


    Wednesday, 06. July 2016