9 Types Of Break Ups We've All Had Or Will Have

  • 9 Types Of Break Ups We've All Had Or Will Have >>>

  • #1 The Jelena: Ah, the first love break up. It leaves a mark like no other, as Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez prove on an almost daily basis with their cryptic Instagram likes, clandestine meetings and throwback loved up pics. It’s the one that stays with you forever, the one that’ll always hold that special ‘first’ spot in your heart.

  • #2 The ‘Blank Space’ Taylor Swift: We all have that one ex who made us just a little bit crazy, just for a while. You know, the one who got under your skin and made you do things you never thought you’d do - like cut his face out of every photo you had together before driving by his house screaming ‘TOAD’ and chucking (out of date) prawns at his front door. OK, maybe that last one was just us.

  • #3 The ‘We Are Never Ever Ever’ Taylor Swift: The breakup that left you feeling nothing but pure relief that you were free and single once more, backed up by the absolutely rock solid conviction that you'd NEVER (ever, ever) be going back there again. Dancing around the living room with humans dressed as stuffed animals optional.

  • #4 The Hendall: Were you ever even together? Were you really a ‘thing’? Either way it’s over now, and it’s actually nbd. Yes, you might even hook up again at some point in the future, but if you don’t? Whatever - you’re both totally chill about it tbh.

  • #5 The Nina and Ian: Everyone thought you were the perfect couple. Everyone was rooting for you. Everyone thought you’d be together forever. And then you just… weren’t. Because friends and family (and fans) thinking you’re perfect doesn’t mean that you are. You feel us, Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder?

  • #6 The Justin and Cameron: Otherwise known as the friend-zone break up. The one where you wake up one day and realise that actually, you don’t really fancy the pants off each other any more, as much as you enjoy spending time together. The spark’s gone, the crazy attraction has burnt out, and all you’ve got left is…. well, friendship really. Yup, kinda sucks, but also c’est la vie. It’s all very Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz, who despite amicably splitting in 2006, have remained pals since - even starring together in 2011’s ‘Bad Teacher’.

  • #8 The Liley: Also known as the temporary ‘we just needed to find ourselves and work out who we are as human beings’ break up. You’re soul mates and 100 percent meant to be - just not meant to be right now. See: Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus, who are back on track after some time apart (YAAAAASSS).

  • #9 The Gaz and Charlotte: On again and off again and on again and off again more times than a light switch in the house of a really indecisive person. You’re both suckers for a bit of drama, and that means fiery splits and reunions on the reg. GAH.

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    Break ups such mayor a.., that’s what up!

    And what sucks even more, is that everyone of us will surely experience a few major heartbursts in time. Rather beware and prepare yourself with these 9 relationship splits we’re all destined to have, demonstrated by our favorite celeb (ex) couples #soz.

    Friday, 01. July 2016