There's A Meme That Reminds Everyone That Paris Hilton Made Kim Kardashian Famous

Naturally, Miss Hilton liked it as well.

Remember the time, when we all reffered to Kim Kardashian as Paris Hilton’s friend slash assistant?!

Isn’t that so strange to think, that way back, during Paris’ reality TV stardom with her show The Simple Life, she actually hired Kim K as her assistant?! Because yep, that was what Kim K did best from 2003 – 2007, sorting out her BFF’s closet – AWKS!

And sometimes, it’s quite nice to have a little reminder of this fact. Especially when it’s coming from The Simple Life lady herself…

This meme recently popped up on Instagram, featuring Paris Hilton’s head photoshopped over Taylor Swift in a screenshot of Taylor, Kanye and Kim in bed from Kanye's latest music video Famous.

Basically, this pic just gave Paris all of the credit for the birth of Kimmy’s super stardom, plus she ACTUALLY acknowledged the post by liking it.


Thursday, 30. June 2016