We Have Ultimate Proof That Kylie Jenner & Ariel Winter Are Style Twins


    There’s no denying it, Kylie Jenner is a walking fashion statement. No matter what, our dearest Kylizzle can basically pull off everything. And now it looks like, as if Modern Family hottie Ariel Winter is following in her high heeled footsteps.

    Don’t believe us?

    Well, both 18-year olds aren’t afraid to show off their styles or assets in some uber daring cutout dresses or jumpsuits. Besides their guts in fashion sense both of them have actually totally been twinning outfitwise, like, ALL THE TIME.

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    Most recently, Ariel rocked a sleek pale pink dress that was all about the underboob and oooops coincidence, Kylie wore quite the same revealing piece of garment, appering in form of a jumpsuit. Clearly, the underboob is the new sideboob.

    Here are few more times these fashionistas basically slayed it at twinning!


    Friday, 24. June 2016