6 Totally Weird Things Everyone With A Crush Has Done

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  • 1. Becoming a somewhat prof social media stalker, to that extent that you know aunt Jenny is recovering nicely from that hip operation

  • 2. Being jealous of anyone and everyone who comes into contact with them who isn’t you (including friends, family and pets)

  • 3. Daydreams on a daily basis... adding slight improvements here and there as if you’re a novelist perfecting a book (obviously all of these imaginary scenarios are set to music)

  • 4. Spending hours aka day obsessing over their arms/lips/earlobes/chin dimple/any other very specific body part

  • 5. set their profile pic as your phone background. oh wait… is that just us?

  • 6. Rehearsing EVERY single possible conversation you might ever have with them ever

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    (Un)reasonable... but SO relatable.

    From spending waaaaaaaay too much time obsessing over his or her arms/lips/earlobes/chin dimple/ or any other very specific body parts, to then missing the one prime opportunity of making an impression, because speaking to them in REAL LIFE would prove how love-struck you actually are, to then suddenly become this all crippilingly shy brain and say something like ‘um… cheese?’ when they actually just asked you for the time.


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    Friday, 24. June 2016