Why Aye - The Geordie Shore Cast Gets All Mortal In Magaluf

  • HOWAY! The Geordies land in Magaluf... ready to get mortal!

  • It looks as if our lasses Chantelle and Marnie have forgotten their clothes...

  • Areeeeeeetttt... Sophie's back, back, back again!!!

  • This might be how our lad Scott broke his arm #ups

  • You alreet there Chloe pet?!

  • We know youse two had a close friendship, but still...

  • Holly's face is a picture man!

  • Oi, Oi, what going on here man?! #maaronforever

  • Chantelle pet, ye bra's missing!

  • Poor Chloe's a bit too mortal again!

  • Who needs beds when you can have bins, right Marnie and Chloe?


  • Reet... well it looks as if Nathan want to bang Chloe...

  • Gaz lookin' like a proper worldie!

  • Holly's looking MINT!

  • Time to get mortal!

  • Ain't youse two a bit cold?!

  • Marnie and Aaron are serious #goals

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    Keemon season 13, bring it on!

    BEWARE pets!!!

    Our favorite radgies are back at it again as the entire Georide Shore cast – including Sophie YASSS – are back at their proper mortalness again… this time in Spain.

    >>> Watch: Geordie Shore

    The cast actually has just arrived Magaluf, but were already spotted getting very horny and etc as they started filming parts of the MTV hit series in a Kavos bar.

    We won’t say more than, that Chloe and Nathan must be having one big mortal holiday…


    Thursday, 23. June 2016