Briana Jungwirth Says Baby Freddie Is 'Her Own Miracle'

Beware of #cutenessoverload.

There’s no denying it… as soon as the world got hold of the news, that the (ex) One Direction lad, Louis Tomlinson and his close friend Briana Jungwirth were expecting, all of us got a lil cray cray for a bit.

But ever since baby Freddie’s arrival, the world, us and most obvs his family and own Mom just seem a little bit better.

But whist Briana was actually the one who wasn’t so keen on the idea of being a mum ever, a source has now revealed, that she soon changed her mind when she fell pregnant with her own little one.

Briana always said she never wanted children but as soon as she fell pregnant she saw it as her own miracle. They all did, it was God’s miraclegift to them and that’s what they refer to Freddie as,’ the source claims.

Her (new) mantra is clearly working, because we’ve never seen a happier looking baby than little Freddie #cutenessoverload!

Thursday, 23. June 2016