FYI: Kylie Jenner Releases A Blue Lip Kit

Feeling so blue!

Another day, another Lip Kit announcement… at least when it comes to King Kylie Jenner the master of Lip Kit’s.

But this time around, the new announced Lip Kit isn’t just about a new texture or uber funky new shade. The big reveal is, that the new range tributes to the 4th July as the two new colors – are called Freedom and Skylie, and naturally are both blue.

Debuting the totes patriotic looks over Snapchat – because where else would you debut this sort of news – Kylizzle also pays tribute to yet another big influence in her life: her car.

In any case, the two new shades will drop upcoming Friday, so you’ll totes have enough time to get all Freedom and Skylie for any July 4th celebrations you have planned.

Or, if like us you don’t live in the US and A, you can also just slay them lips with those blue shades to simply channel the Smurf vibes each and err day – WHY NOT!

Wednesday, 22. June 2016