MTV Presents: Palmesus Official Kick-Off 2016

Get the party started!

As if we weren’t excited enough for the 2016 Palmesus Festival to finally kick off, MTV thought to pick it all up a notch and simply added a ‘little’ pre-party to the whole happening.

Yes, yes… you’ve definitely heard damn right! MTV is officially hosting the Palmesus pre-party this year. Going down on June 30 – just a day before the actual festival begins – the doors open at 23:00 (the early bird catches the drinks).

In order to get you all dancey and warmed up for the actual Palmesus festival, MTV Norway not only brings you the ultimate club night to remember, but also hosts an uber amazing line-up including DJ-Duo Vigiland and Palmesus Resident DJ Phaxx along with loads of other music, goodies and surprises.

Come on all of you party animals and party poopers ’n join our event on Facebook and lets get this thing started!

Tuesday, 21. June 2016