Selena Gomez Took A Little (Hilarious) Stage Tumble

And handled it like a boss.

Hands down! Who of us doesn’t enjoy a bit of malicious pleasure now and then? Especially when it involves a litte stage tumble or fall of your favorite artist, right?! Needless to say, of course without anyone getting seriously hurt…

After Justin Bieber literally hit the stage recently – aka the trapdoor incident – Selena Gomez has now joined the long list of celeb stage tumbles.

But rather than awkwardly trying to pretend that nothing happened, Sel-Go couldn’t help but burst into laughter at her fall to the floor, with adding:

‘First fall on the whole damn tour, can you believe it in Tulsa?! Well, I’ll be damned.’

And with that, she scooped herself up and carried on.


Tuesday, 21. June 2016