FYI: Charlotte Crosby Is Dating Again

And it's not Gary Beadle. But who is the lucky lad?

Hands down, it’s been some difficult few weeks in the public eye for our Geordie Shore fave Charlotte Crosby.

But despite all the drama with on/off lover Gary ‘Gaz’ Beadle, the worldie’s now revealed that she’s eventually back in the dating game.

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Char revealed: ’I’ve started dating, I’ve decided that. I’ve got some dates planned.’

When asked how the ‘Me Me Me’ author meets potential blokes, Char said it’s usually on a night out.

‘I don’t know how it happens, it just happens when you’re out. It’s all different random ways I’ve met them.’

So no Tinder-time or any online dating for Miss Crosby then?

‘I haven’t got Tinder, no. I’ll never have that!’

You’ve heard it guys… head out on a mortal night to the toon and leave Tinder to it!

Monday, 20. June 2016