Geordie Shore: Big Birthday Battle l Finale Spoilers

  • Awwww, is this the end of the most mortal love story ever?!

  • Scott and Dan looking pure mint in their costumes!

  • Howay Marty! Do you really think it's alreet to be kissing girls already after what happened?!

  • Dan seems happy doing Marty's job of neckin' on with the party lasses!

  • Chloe... please don't go radge again!

  • We wonder what Anna's smiling at?!

  • Keemon Marty! Stop humping the lady...

  • Oi Oi! Why's Charlotte pointing at Gaz?!

  • SMILE Gaz! It's all eyes on you!

  • Gaz must be diggin' into Charlotte rn...

  • Keemon Char! Her plan to win back Gaz must have worked out...

  • Anna must be proper buzzin' like as she is held by those proper hunks!

  • Team Charlotte, Team Charlotte, Team Charlotte...

  • Is Marty pissing in a bucket? Chantelle ain't having any of it...

  • What's in the box...?

  • Oi Oi! Anna presents trophies to the winning team! #boring

  • Keemon Kylie, quit crying pet!

  • This love story is still set to continue...

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    It’s the moment of truth for Charlotte and Gaz… Will the most mortal couple of all Geordie times get back together, after Char necked on with Marty… and which team will win the ‘Big Birthday Battle’ at last?!

    >>> Watch: Geordie Shore: Big Birthday Battle

    Tune in for the Geordie Shore: Big Birthday Battle finale – only on MTV Play.

    Thursday, 16. June 2016