Zayn Malik Cancelled On The Capital FM Summertime Ball

Because of ‘crippling anxiety’...

Fans (and us) have been waiting for this moment ever since Zayn has started off with his solo career, his first proper gig at the the Capital Fm’s Summertime Ball.

But sadly Zayn's excitement turned to appear as an illness, and the whole thing was cancelled.

However, soon after the sad announcement was made, Zayn took an apology to social media, speaking openly and honestly about how his problem with anxiety attacks, that have been ‘haunting him’ and ‘gotten the better of him’.

In a statement, he wrote:

Naturally fans have since been sending Zayn thousands of lovely messages of support, and have thanked him for being so honest.

Feel much better soon, Zayn.

Monday, 13. June 2016