So Selena Gomez Got Bangs And Justin Bieber Thinks They Are 'Super Hot'

Because of course he just loves a good fringe...

FYI and attention please as Jelena is back at it again. Well ok, not in the sense of being romantically involved, but at least in the sense of some intense ‘Internet-flirting’.

Because first Justin Bieber started following Selena Gomez this week on Instagram again, and now, he apparently can’t stop swooning over Selena’s new hairdo as the ‘Look Good For You’ singer decided to go for some bangs. reckons, that the ‘Sorry’ singer has quite the sickly sweet reasons for being just so obsessed with his ex girlfriend’s hair.

Justin thinks Selena looks super hot with bangs, he loves that hairstyle on her because it reminds him of when they were first together,’ the mystery source claims.

Adding: ‘He thinks she’s gorgeous no matter what but bangs are his favorite look on her, he’s sentimental.’

Does any of this actually make sense? We really don’t know… but either or, we sure do care about Jelena or Justin’s hair aka his future fringe… or so.

Thursday, 09. June 2016