15 Of Gigi Hadid's Best Beauty Hacks

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  • 1. Don’t wash your hair everyday

  • 2. Put toothpaste on spots

  • 3. Don’t touch your eyebrows’ natural shape

  • 4. Wash your face in the shower if you’re tired

  • 5. More make-up = more moisturiser

  • 6. Keep your glam simple

  • 7. Travel with cleansing wipes

  • 8. Exfoliate your lips

  • 9. Use clear deodrant

  • 10. Use a toothbrush for the perfect ponytail

  • 12. Use natural light

  • 13. Wash your face like a Kardashian

  • 14. Eat clean (apart from the occasional Birthday Cake or Burger or...)

  • 15. Leave your face in the hands of Gigi’s make-up artist: Patrick Ta

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    Get your Hadid on already.

    Hands down! Gigi Hadid is so beautiful that it actually hurts our souls a little bit.

    Naturally, we just had to snoop around a tiny little bit, to eventually learn about the supermodel’s beauty hacks to get our very own Hadid on. Unfortunately these tips don’t include how to land with ZaynBUMMER!

    Wednesday, 15. June 2016