Justin Bieber's Video To "Company" Is Here

Cherishing his blond locks in forever. It's like he never shaved them off.

":music_artist:5759Brace yourselves Beliebers, because "Justin Bieber has just dropped the video to ‘Company’. Not only are we overly excited – because duh, Justin Bieber just released a new video. Nope, the ‘Company’ video is als definitely one for those who have relentlessly been missing Justin Bieber’s luxurious blond locks as Justin’s preserved them for you forever in his new music video.

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Besides cherishing his locks, the clip also follows Bieber through the last year of his life. I mean, lets be honest, he’s had his ups and downs over the past few months, but this new video decidedly focuses on the ups. From the recording of Purpose up through his world tour, there is literally tons of footage of JB, especially with that graceful looking chin-length platinum blond hair.


Watch the full video here:

Thursday, 09. June 2016