Hail Yeezy - Kanye West Turns 39 Today

  • 11 Facts about Kanye West that made him the man he is today, on his 39th Birthday >>>

  • 1. The first two records to capture the imagination of a young Kanye were De La Soul’s ‘Me, Myself, and I’ and Kids ‘n’ Play’s debut.

  • 2. When he was in the fifth grade, Kanye lived in China.

  • 3. Not long later, in the seventh grade, he made his first beat.

  • 4. Said beat was for a sexual Super Mario style game that he had programmed himself, where ‘ghosts were vaginas’. Because, of course.

  • 5. Kanye dropped out of school but worked as a telemarketer to pay his mum $200 in rent each month.

  • 6. An early nickname, ‘Deep House’, came from his love of wearing baggy trousers and rucksacks.

  • 7. At 13, Kanye cried because his dad didn’t allow him to get his hair cut often enough to keep up a high top fade. Fair.

  • 8. ‘Diamonds From Sierra Leone’ took FOURTEEN mixes to perfect.

  • 9. He sold his first song to a local Chicago rapper called Gravity for $8,800.

  • 10. The first rapper to make Kanye worry and put pressure on him to better himself was Drake.

  • 11. The idea of taking a career path in the porn industry has entered his head ‘once or twice’.

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    Never change K.


    Because yep, today is the day, when everyone’s favorite, self-proclaimed rap genius aka Kanye West turns 39.

    Reason enough, to look back on Yeezy's four decades on this Earth, because aside from his music, he’s provided us with reams and reams of genius Twitter rants, speeches and brain farts.

    From hilarious to precocious or intellectual; no matter what you and I think of the man, there’s no denying that whatever he does or says somehow becomes – wait for it – legendary.

    So here are 11 facts about Kanye West that made him the man he is today, on his 39th Birthday.

    Stay Yeezy man.

    Wednesday, 08. June 2016