Justin Bieber Just Introduced His Daughter On Instagram

Wait WHAT...? Just kidding!

Justin Bieber just pulled a full on Louis-Freddie-gate-prank as he suddenly introduced his baby daughter via Instagram to the world.

Except the fact, that this was just an extremely short-lived joke.

OH JUSTIN. We still don’t know if we should laugh or cry…

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Despite the fact that Biebes put as in a total frenzy, while playing April fools jokes on us in mid June, Beliebers worldwide just couldn’t help but get their hopes up that his ‘daughter’ was a Jelena baby…

‘@syifa_alhabsy The baby looks like selena.’

‘@blessedwitharianna I wish it was your baby and Selena’s. You look amazing with children.’

Time will tell it all, young grasshoppers.

Wednesday, 08. June 2016