Marnie Simpson Reckons: "Gaz Beadle Is Incapable Of Loving Someone"


Geordie Shore lass Marnie Simpson was never the holding back kind of girl. Especially not, when it comes to sticking up for her BFF Charlotte Crosby and the never-ending on/off Gaz Beadle drama.

Speaking out on the latest Chaz-drama, the Newcastle lass recently told Star mag that she doesn’t think Gaz is actually ‘capable of loving someone’.

>>> Watch: Geordie Shore: Big Birthday Battle ‘I think Gaz Beadle is mentally lost. He doesn’t know what he’s doing and has no concept of how his actions affect others.’

‘I don’t think he’s ever going to truly find happiness because he’s incapable of loving someone,’ Marns explained.

Adding: ’He’ll get into relationships and he might even get married, but he’ll still always cheat on the girl.’

‘I don’t think he’ll ever be faithful.’

Uh, burnnnn Gaz burn…

Wednesday, 08. June 2016