13 Moments From Soccer Aid 2016 Which Will Give You The Ultimate Nouis Feels

  • 13 ultimate Nouis moments from soccer aid 2016 that will fill you with joy >>>

  • When they both looked like lost little lambs on the field.

  • When Louis galloped across the field like a gazelle. A gazelle with perfect hair that is.

  • When Niall took his stretches very seriously and treated us to some extra lunges.

  • When they both were just having a good ol' laugh despite the fact that they were on opposite teams.

  • When Louis applauded his over-achieving hair product that kept his locks looking fresh AF.

  • When Niall put on his managing cap and bossed loads of professional footballers around.

  • When Louis had a little fumble and Niall tried his best to ignore it.

  • When the two of them were just having a lovely day out, really!

  • When Louis knew exactly how good he looked in his special suit.

  • When Niall caught himself on camera and realised just how damn fine he was looking too.

  • When Louis and his team won, but kept the celebration to a minimum.

  • When Niall and his team didn't win but he tried his best to keep his composure and not punch Louis in the shins.

  • And literally every other second of Louis feels.

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    Moments we truly live for #hiatuswho

    Not only did the biannual charity football event ‘Soccer Aid’ – an event that lets celebs and professional footballers match against each other in aid to raise money for Unicef – nope, we were also lucky enough to witness something particularly very special at the event.

    Cause yes – brace yourselves everyone – Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan reunited and bromanced their way around Old Trafford, making us all feel like we were back in pre-hiatus days. What a glory!

    Therefore, here are 13 ultimate Nouis moments from the ‘Soccer Aid’ match – moments we simple live for…


    Tuesday, 07. June 2016