Justin Bieber Will Be Releasing His Very Own Emoji Range

But will there be a bare butt emoji?

Whilst we’re still coping with our overexcitement about the latest range of Kimoji’s – which Kim Kardashian just released this week – Justin Bieber has decided to jump on the ever popular emoji bandwagon as well.

Yes it’s true, and nope this is absolutely not a drill! OMG and FYI, the Biebes will drop his very own line of, wait for it, Justmojis.

Reportedly the singer will be dropping the app today (June 3), and we’re already planning on sending everyone we know the story of our life told only in #Justmojis.

As the total cutie he is, Justin even shared a little sneak peek on his Instagram already:

Who knew we could ever be so excited for teeny tiny cartoons?

Friday, 03. June 2016