So Niall Horan Is Having A "Brilliant" Hiatus From One Direction

We don't really know how to feel about that (yet)...

Feeling like it’s been six years and not six months since One Direction went on their so called hiatus, Niall Horan had a word or two to say about his very own and personal time off from the band.

While his bandmates are off pursuing various careers, new haircuts or raising children (okay, just the one), Niall is really enjoying his golf and various vacations (we’ve recently spotted him all smiley and uber handsome in Thailand and Australia).

’It’s been brilliant,’ he said.

‘It actually doesn’t feel like we’ve been off – it’s been like 6 months already,’ Niallster told Digital Spy at the Horan & Rose charity event recently.

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Adding: ‘I was talking to Louis the other day, it feels like only yesterday we were touring. It’s been really good to chill out, not really have a schedule and just being able to do our own thing, play golf and go to all the sporting events that I’ve wanted to for the last five years.’

As for if he’s working on any music? Well let’s just say he’s not in any rush.

‘Not particularly writing for anything but just having a bit of a laugh really,’ he said.

Well as long you’re happy, Niallster!

BUT please don’t forget about us. We’re right here waiting and stuff…

Wednesday, 01. June 2016