Geordie Shore: Big Birthday Battle l #4 Spoilers

  • Good to see the two getting along just fine.

  • HOWAY... Kyle's back!!!

  • A top bit of bromance between the lads.

  • Awwwww Holly and Kyle reunited once again in the toon!

  • We have to say these two look mint together!!!

  • Marty being a proper gentleman... mental!

  • Marty and Chloe are pure crackin' on with their banter.

  • KEEMON! Gaz gives Charlotte a sexy dance...

  • These two can't keep their eyes off each other...

  • Oi Oi!!! Marty from the party is up to hold his antics again...

  • Marty neckin' on with a lass from his party!

  • Errrr... mortal Gaz is obviously missing Charlotte A LOT...

  • Marty takes a liking to monkey balloon...

  • Charlotte is head over heals for Gaz, even leaving her team to be with him!

  • Char and Gaz proper neckin' on as their teammates carry on getting mortal!

  • Keemon Aaron! You don't need to let Anna treat you like a dog!

  • Howay Aaron... there are toilets for a reason!

  • Back at the house Char and Gaz get playful... these two #LOVE

  • Aaaaand they're neckin' on again!

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    Beware: SPOILER ALERT!

    Another day ‘n night with the Geordies hittin’ the toon… as Marnie drops a marriage bombshell on Aaron, Holly and Kyle face an emotional reunion and Gaz and Char get serious… #CHAZ

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    Thursday, 02. June 2016