Trend Alarm: The Under Eyebrow Is A Thing

    The under brow aka the new power brow.

    Ever since Cara Delevingne and Lily Collins entered the spotlight, our and everyone else’s brow game was certainly always ‘on fleek’.

    But now, it’s apparently not enough anymore to simply b ‘on fleek’ with your brow game as the newest thing – according to Instagram and social media beauty types – is the ‘under brow’. Naturally Gigi Hadid already nailed the look at the Giambatista Valli AW16 fashion show.

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    To get the look you simply comb your own brows, to then draw a colorful or glittery line with eyeshadow, liner or gel, directly under them – and donezo. It’s really as easy as that.

    On fleek 2.0.

    Thursday, 02. June 2016