Contouring Only With Highlighter Looks Simply Magical

Consider it being a thing.

Brace yourselves contouring lovers, because this might just be the most magical thing you’ve ever seen in contouring history as make-up artist Mariya Lyubashevskaya has just taken strobing to a whole new level.

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Ever since Kim Kardashian (shockingly) declared she was SO over contouring with then Gigi Hadid appearing on the scene like a shimmering goddess, strobing has somewhat become the new thing to do.

So. Much. Shimmer. So. Purdy.

Just to note, as we feel it’s important to say, Mariya did say this was ‘only for fun’ and NOT a day look, unless you want to be rocking up to the office like a sparkling mermaid.

Wednesday, 01. June 2016