Here's How You Can Date Niall Horan

Go and pick up those clubs, girl.

So you wanna date Niall Horan? Then go and pick up those clubs, girl.

I mean, it’s a well known fact that our fave little Irish blonde, Niall Horan loves to get out in the open air and hit some balls.

With saying ‘hitting some balls’, we’re of course talking about Niallsters main passion, G-O-L-F.

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Because as far as we can see, Mister Horan has been spending about 98% of his downtime from One Direction on the golf course. Naturally it seems, that the only way to get to him, is going to him, as Nialls new aim in life apparently is to get more girls onto the green (we are still talking about G-O-L-F).

Niall recently told Press Association: ‘I would really like to see a lot more girls playing it.​ Because the girls’ tour at the moment, the LPGA tour, is absolutely amazing, and there should be more kids playing. If I could teach I would, but not at the moment.’

Oh lordy, Niall as your very own golf coach? Showing you how to swing those hips?

This is what fantasies are made of.

Tuesday, 31. May 2016