Perrie Edwards Knows Exactly Whats She Wants In A Post-Zayn Malik Boyfriend

Yasss girl.

After breaking our hearts with Zerrie’s more or less surprising split in August 2015, Little Mix's Perrie Edwards has just dished about the qualities she is looking for in a dude post- Zayn, and we’re loving it.

Naturally we’re super excited to finally see Pez getting back in the dating game

She said: ’I’m quite shy when it comes to dating. I haven’t been on a lot of dates but I have had some amazing ones in my time. I like it when a guy makes me laugh and is spontaneous.’

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‘I like people to be 100 percent themselves and not afraid to be crazy or do something outlandish or fun. I don’t like the typical let’s go for a fancy meal-type dates, that would make me too nervous. I’d rather go bowling or something.’

Sounds ideal to us. Now go get ’em Pez.

Tuesday, 31. May 2016