Geordie Shore: Big Birthday Battle l #1 Sneak Peek Spoilers

  • Hoy Gaz... Charlotte lookin' alreet, ain't she?!

  • The two lovebirds neckin' on, get a room guys!

  • Chantelle and Chloe absolutely mortal and wet

  • Chloe crackin' on with Marty from the party

  • Awwww 21st century love

  • Tit for tat, in a more pleasant way - mortal!

  • Guess who's back! Charlotte can't hold back her emotions!

  • Howay Sophie, don't scare away Gaz!

  • Gaz must be buzzin' to see an original back on the show

  • Gaz's angels: they're beautiful, they're mortal and they work for Gaz!

  • What's going on here?

  • Lass number 1

  • Lass number 2

  • Hat trick hero Marty scores a third lass

  • Keemon Gaz, get neckin' on with your sweetheart!

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    Beware: SPOILER ALERT!

    The Geordies haven’t even really left (yet) and are already buzzin’ to hit the Toon again, with also bringing some familiar faces along for the ride for the Geordie Shore: Big Birthday Battle.

    >>> Watch: Geordie Shore

    Sneak peek an extended preview of the Geordie Shore: Big Birthday Battle right here before it premieres on Thursday, May 12 – only on MTV Play.

    Monday, 09. May 2016