18 Things Only A Geordie Shore Megafan Would Understand

  • 18 Things Only A Geordie Shore Megafan Would Understand >>>

  • Everytime your Nan says she's roasting a Parsnip you feel slightly awkward.

  • You can never look at the remote without feeling a bit weird.

  • There is no such thing as too much tan.

  • And the lads are just as guilty.

  • Whatever happens in the world, Chaz are just meant to be #fact.

  • You don't get drunk, you get mooooooortaaaal!!!

  • When you're pure buzzin'.

  • You're having a reet good craic. like.

  • Hitting the toon is just a way of life.

  • Being a regular at Bijoux, tup tup and scary canary is everything.

  • Slut dropping is a guaranteed way to pull.

  • A Kebap is always the answer to wining and dining.


  • Especially for the buck squad.

  • And the lucky ladies.

  • The year of the slut was a thing.

  • And so were the cock capturers.

  • And that's why it's the best show on TV - WHY AYEEEEE!

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    From being a buzzin’-mint-mortal-worldie to hittin’ the the toon on the reg… if your a proper Geordie Shore fan, you’ll understand!

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    Monday, 16. May 2016