Here's An Ultimate Ranking Of One Direction's Facial Hair Throughout The Years

  • A definitive ranking of One Direction's facial hair throughout the ages >>>

  • 12. Mr Harry Edward Styles toothpaste moustache

  • 11. Niall Horan and his delightful ‘just a hint of stubble’ (it looks a bit scratchy...)

  • 10. Here we have Harry with his itty bitty little moustache. It’s desperately trying to be proper facial hair, but falling – literally – a bit short. Still fit though.

  • 9. Liam makes his debut with his slightly patchy but obviously still lovely chin growth. We want to make a little nest in those bare patches and live there forever.

  • 8. Harry and his tiny moustache are back, and they’ve scored the No. 8 spot. We sort of like that it’s possible to count each individual hair. We might even name them if we have time later.

  • 6. Sitting pretty at No. 6 is Liam and a true CHAMPION of a goatee. Extra points for looking sleepy and hot.

  • 5. TOP 5 TIME PEOPLE – and it’s a Harry/Liam hybrid from the 'You & I' video. Yep, this is H with Liam’s facial hair, and it’s a thing of wonder.

  • 4. Louis’ stubble-beard hybrid is an aesthetic we are 100 per cent on board with, and that’s why it’s at No. 4.

  • 3. In this pic Liam's beard barely looks like hair any more, it's more of a real fluffy haven of beauty.

  • 2. Look, we know this is a ranking of facial hair, but can anything really beat clean-shaven Louis and his jawline of dreams? His bare chin is at No. 2 and there’s nothing you can do about it.

  • 1. Niall’s beach beard. Because he went ACTUAL travelling and grew this lovely little number and it’s our fave thing since… well, probably anything really.

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    Because necessary.

    We’ve watched One Direction transform from boys to men over the past five years, and with great puberty, comes great facial hair.

    With that in mind, we’re also suffering from serious lack of One Direction – damn you hiatus – so we’ve put together a definite ranking of their various but very important hairy bits.

    Thursday, 26. May 2016