11 Things You Should Know Before Bleaching The S**t Out Of Your Hair

  • 1. You will be met with a lot of uncertainty from your hairdresser and he/she is probably going to try and talk you out of going hella blonde.

  • 2. If your hair is naturally dark, your hairdresser will then stress the likelihood of your hair going ginger – which is always fun to hear.

  • 3. But you probably should be aware that if your hair is dark brown or black – it might take a few trips to the hairdresser to get your desired level of blonde-ness.

  • 4. Alright so everyone knows that bleaching your hair isn’t good for it, but it won’t totally destroy it either.

  • 5. Keeping on-top of your upkeep is important – it’s better for your hair to get your roots done often (and only having to use a teeny bit of bleach) than waiting ages and having to go for a full head again.

  • 6. Your hairdresser might ask if you want a toner put on afterwards to reach the desired colour. Oh and they’ll use words like ‘ashy’, ‘icy’ and ‘creamy’ – all which are confusing af, but go with it ‘cos it’ll look good.

  • 7. If you get a full-on scalp bleach (i.e. not highlights) it might tingle/burn your scalp a bit. this is normal and you’re not going to die.

  • 8. (Although if it’s really painful – maybe tell someone, because that doesn’t sound good either)

  • 9. After getting your hair bleached, it’ll need more love than before.

  • 10. Oh and use a purple shampoo to stop it turning yellow or brassy.

  • 11. You’re probably going to become addicted to going even blonder.

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