MTV Push: Lukas Graham

Learn more about MTV Push artist Lukas Graham throughout the month of May.

Hailing from Christiana in Copenhagen, Lukas Graham is the definition of a self-made success story. Joining the Copenhagen Boys’ Choir at just 8 years old, Lukas dedicatedly honed his voice and began to master his natural talent.

Basing his art and lyrics around the experiences and stories that impacted his life, it was the reality and truths of the lyrics as well as his stunning voice that propelled Lukas Graham’s self-titled debut full-length album to quadruple-platinum success in Denmark. The huge UK breakthrough single “7 Years” charted at number one across the world and demonstrated to the whole music industry the incredible potential held by this young man.

The song itself however is much more humble than the incredible success it has achieved. It is a song about growing older and the important experiences that have shaped him as a man today. As Lukas explains himself, ‘I never want to lose sight of my roots… A lot of artists want the riches and the fame. I want to tell stories you can put into the context of your life.’

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Tuesday, 03. May 2016