Twinning: Khloe Kardashian Face Swapped With Gigi Hadid

...and weirdly looks the same?!

Gigi Hadid’s face, no questioning, pretty AF and basically a gift from the god’s of beauty. Hands down, who would’t wish for her looks for only one day?!

Believe it or not, Khloe Kardashian made it happen, via Face Swap, and weirdly the result looks pretty similar to her actual face.

Besides all of the twinning alarm, the video has proved pretty lollers with Khloe doing her best Gigi, ’I’m so excited! It’s my birthday, I’m finally 21, and I got a hot man, and I’m a f@!&ing Victoria’s Secret Angel.’

In case you are looking for us… we’ll be on Snapchat (with Gigi’s face swapped on).

Monday, 02. May 2016