Geordie Shore 12 | #8 Sneak Peek Spoilers

  • Aaron and Marnie look pure MINT as a couple!

  • OI OI... it's Marty from the Party...

  • Cheeky Marty... necking on with her friend as well!

  • Marty must be buzzin... necking on with two girls at the same time, Chloe?!

  • Go on lass! Chloe pulls a worldie and they seem to be crackin on...

  • Mortal Chantelle trying to get a peek up Scotty's skirt!

  • Marnie lap dancing on Chloe, the lad should pay good money for this.

  • Why aye Marty! Go and get you lass back to the shag pad...

  • A steamy situation between Marty and Chloe... TOP LAD!

  • Chloe must be disappointed like...

  • Howay Marty... you must be mortal... do you know what you have just said?!

  • After Chloe felt let down by Marty, Marnie is there to save the night, absolutely crackers!

  • Marty! Don't be giving empty promises...

  • Nathan helping Marty in his quest to get a stiffy!

  • Marty and Chloe just canny wait to get home... they are humping the car!

  • Gaz and Charlotte kissing?! #GOCHAZ

  • Aaron must be buzzin... lying with Marns in the shag pad!

  • They just can't stop staring at each other, even when they are mortal!

  • And the Chantelle/Scott T love story continues...

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    Ring the spoiler alarm.


    Gaz aka the ‘Buck Squad’ founder returns to the Geordie Shore house and you won’t believe why…
    Plus what was that with Char’s and Marnie’s lesbian Dildo date?!

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    Tuesday, 03. May 2016