There's an APP For Unsending Those Accidential Text Messages Of Yours

AKA basically it's the drunk texter's new best friend. Right?

Are you (also) one of these rather impulsive texters… no matter if you’re angry, or you’re a bit tipsy (or both). Waking up the next morning, or maybe even realizing just a few minutes later what you’ve actually pressed sent on, can be a long devastating process full of shame.

But listen up, beacause apparently there is an app that sounds all kinds of clever and ‘protective’ for our texting fails.

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Called Privates, the app in question is basically a tool helping us to protect our privacy online. Not only will it be able to recall messages – at least until the person at the other end has opened them – but it will also include security settings that protect you from people screenshotting your messages or saving images you send that you don’t want them to.

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Check out the clip below to see how it works – it’s MAGICAL:

Friday, 29. April 2016