13 Places We Put Drake Using This Awesome "Views From The 6" Cover Creator

    We got a bit carried away...

    Finally! The wait for Drake's looooong awaited new album ‘Views From The 6’ has come to an end as it premiered just yesterday (April 27).

    Naturally, Drizzy did not only drop the album itself, but also some much-discussed artwork for its cover, which features the Rapper, photoshopped onto the CN Tower in his hometown of Toronto.

    Naturally the internet went totally bonkers on this particular image, nearly instantly turning the tiny, perching Drake into a meme, which actually lead to the grande idea of creating the tool 'Drake's Views', so that EVERYONE – including us – can place Drake wherever the heck they want to.

    And that’s exactly what we did (all day long) – we’re HOOKED.

    Witness our best results (so far) in our picture gallery above.

    Thursday, 28. April 2016