Geordie Shore 12 | #7 Sneak Peek Spoilers

  • Sneak Peek Spoilers Episode 7 >>>

  • Marty is clearly lovin' a hot tub full of lasses.

  • Go on Marty, get neckin' on!

  • Chantelle isn't convinced though...

  • Scott wonders "Is Chantelle looking?" #AWKS

  • Howay Aaron, scorin' browney points with your lass.

  • Well we know what Aaron's buying for Marnie this Christmas.

  • KEEMON lad! Aaron's got a surprise for Marnie.

  • WTF happened here then?!

  • We don't know, are ya flirtin'???

  • UH OH Marty... playni' with fire!

  • Are we missing something here?!

  • The lasses get pure radge back at the house.

  • But Aaron comforts Marnie, top lad!!!

  • The Charlotte and Gaz lovestory might be "to be continued"...

  • Chloe and Marty are proper mortal like... a match made in heaven?!

  • Scotty T doing what Scotty does best #bucksquad

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    Uh Oh – Charlotte and Marnie proper radge after a mortal night out. Is this the biggest lasses fight the Geordie Shore house has ever seen and will Mary eventually neck on with Chantelle?

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    Wednesday, 27. April 2016