The Von Dutch Trucker Cap Is Back: Thanks To Kylie Jenner

    Plus, 9 celebs who sported these caps long before Kylizzle did.

    Attention fashion killaz, because apparently the Von Dutch trucker cap trend is back, and we really don’t know how to feel about this (yet)…

    For those of you born before 1995, you’ll remember Von Dutch as the celebrity-adored-yet-somehow-also-universally-hated line of trucker hats and t-shirts. For those born after 1995, you probably have no idea what Von Dutch is, or maybe look back on it as a beloved vintage trend from the early aughts.

    Either or, it now seems as if the trend is back on track, and the one to ‘blame’ would be no one other then Kylie Jenner.Lately, the youngest Kardashian member – born right in the middle of 1997 – was spotted sporting a Von Dutch trucker cap several times.

    Regardless, wether this trend will celebrate it’s comeback or not, we’ve rounded up some of the most important figures of the very first Von Dutch era aka invasion.

    Tuesday, 17. May 2016