11 Ultimate Fringe Problems Girls With Bangs Can Relate Too

  • 11 fringe problems girls with bangs know to be true >>>

  • 1. No matter how much you explain the length to your hairdresser, they always cut it too short.

  • 2. You then have around a week of 'optimum fringe length' before having to get another trim.

  • 3. Trying to diy-it seems like the easiest solution... but you quickly learn it's naaaaht the best answer.

  • 4. Living in absolute fear of pretty much all weather conditions: rain, wind, heat, humidity - you're screwed.

  • 5. You're pretty sure the constant heat damage from styling it over-and-over again is probably gonna make it all fall out anyway.

  • 6. But no matter how long you spend styling it, you can't get away from the dreaded 12pm fringe part.

  • 7. You can fiddle with it all you want then, and it'll never sit right.

  • 8. Forehead spots are just a given. but hey, least you can't see them.

  • 9. If you're blessed with a cowlick, trying to get your fringe to stay down is basically an olympic sport.

  • 10. Then there's the awkward stages of trying to grow out your fringe and not knowing wtf to do with it.

  • 11. Soooo, you inevitably end up cutting them back in and hey – you're back to square one.

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    Friday, 13. May 2016