Get Ready For The New MTV Prank Show "Bugging Out"

MTV's ultimate new hidden camera show, where technology turns on users with hilarious results - hosted by Rob Anderson and Traci Stumpf.

With MTV being a full on prankster gangster, ever since the channel saw the light of day, we’re totally back in the shenanigans game with our brand new show, MTV's Bugging Out.

The plot:

Within the show, our hostess with the mostest, Youtuber and uber prankster Rob Anderson will narrate pranks together with co-host Traci Stumpf on a variety of unsuspecting people. Here, they’ll be hitting a whole new level of hilarity, as technology appears to be the actual prankster.

I mean, just ask yourself…

What would you do if you saw a robot driving a car through a fast food drive through? Or a drone go out of control in a shopping centre and hit an old lady in the face?

…most probably freak out?

In any case, get ready for loads of smart phone, fitness tracker, car GPS system and ATM stunts. GET READY for MTV's Bugging Out, bringing back all the LOLs to your TV screens.

The brand new series premieres May 1st at 21:30 – only on MTV.

Wednesday, 20. April 2016