14 Jordan Catalano GIFs To Swoon Over

Again. And. Again.

For those of you, who haven’t been aware of the person, that Jordan Catalano is… let us break it down for you!

Jordan Catalano was, and most probably still is one of the swoon worthiest nineties TV-characters, played by no one other then Jared Leto. Yes, you heard right. We’re talking young Jared Leto.

As soon as Jordan Catalano – a somewhat very brown haired and gorgeous personification of Kurt Cobain – hit the screens about 20 years ago within it’s series ‘My So Called Life’, girls now and then can’t stop swooning.

BTW, we’re actually still wondering, on how his ex-girlfriend Angela Chase aka Claire Danes eventually got over him. HOW?

Anyways, to catch up with all the swooning you missed out on – since the late 90’s -here are 14 GIFs in our gallery which will give you all the FEELS.

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Friday, 20. May 2016