Geordie Shore 12 | #6 Spoilers

  • KEEMON lad! Marty showing us already he's an arse man!

  • Twerk baby, twerk!

  • Picking up where you left off are youse two?

  • OI OI is Marty trying to crack on with Chantelle?

  • Scotty man, where are you when all of this is going on?!

  • Top lad! Scotty was never going to let Marty get away with it!

  • The captain of thr d**k detectives' necking on with Marty.

  • Marty has acquired a taste for Chloe's nipples...

  • Go on Chloe... finally pulled a lad that isn't Scotty.

  • Howay, seems as if Charlotte wants to catch some attention...

  • Marnie is also trying to get her twerk on!

  • The knight has come to save the damsel in distress as she is totally mortal.

  • Why aye man! Char's necking on with another lad (that is not Gaz)...

  • Is she going to rubb it in Gaz' face?!

  • Marty playing tongue tennis with a bird that Aaron sh*gged in the house...

  • In comes Chloe for some dry humping action... we think it's time for bed!

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    The new lad Marty arrives and heads straight to the sh*g pad with Chloe and Charlotte’s caught necking on with a total stranger… What will Gaz and Scott have to say about this all?!

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    Wednesday, 20. April 2016