Geordie Shore 12 | #5 Sneak Peek

  • Aaron is buzzing about Marnie's return

  • Oi Oi! Aaron and Marnie are getting proper cosy like...

  • Keemom lad! Get in there!

  • Why aye! The pair finally tashes on!

  • Aaron and Marns, necking on under the covers...

  • HOWAY! Scotty cracking on with Chantelle!

  • Chloe man, put some clothes on lass!

  • Still... head over heals for Scott. Even in the shower!

  • Best way to catch Scotty's attention? Grind on table... classic Chloe!

  • Nice to see Gaz and Charlotte getting on.. shame that Gaz has a GF #AWKS

  • Don't we all wish that bae looks at us the way Gaz looks at Charlotte #baegoals

  • We canny wait for these two to get back together again... keemon already!

  • Scott looking like he wants a buck with Chantelle

  • What's this!? Scott's apologizing...

  • Now that is what we call a tash on!

  • Scotty looking like he wants to wife up Chantelle

  • A proper gentleman like

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    Beware... spoiler alert!

    Howay pets and listen up! Marnie’s back, Chantelle and Scotty ‘continue’ what they’ve started and Chloe goes complete crackers… Catch up on episode #5 with our sneak peek spoiler gallery above!

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    Tune in for an all-new episode of Geordie Shore 12, Sundays at 23:00 – only on MTV!

    Friday, 15. April 2016