Geordie Shore | The "Then & Now" Special

  • These pictures of the Geordie Shore cast as 5 year olds are just adorbs >>>

  • Then: Why aye - a 5-year old Charlotte givies us the thumbs up!

  • Now: Everything's changed, but her bed wetting habits.

  • Then: We don't know if Gaz is smiling or if he's clenching his jaw because he's seen 5-year-old Charlotte

  • Now: He's had a ot of practice perfecting his camera pout

  • Then: AWWWW Look at 5-year-old Chloe all cute and so in her little white dress

  • Now: She prefers the little black dress, the bodycon typeof course.

  • Then: Wonder what 5-year-old Jay was excited about there...

  • Now: Maybe he saw into the future and knew he was going to be all man

  • Then: Chantelle's red chicks were just so pinchable

  • Now: Sexy as all hell, you wouldn't want to mess with all-grown up Chantelle

  • Then: 5-year-old Kylie had a cheeky smile

  • Now: he's swapped the football shirts for vests that show off his muscles... why aye lad

  • Then: 5-year-old Marnie looks so innocent

  • Now: She's all sex appeal and sass - work it lass!

  • Then: Here is 5-year-old Ricci, before the hairspray and hair products

  • Now: He's definitely perfected his grooming regime

  • Then: 5-year-old Sophie couldn't keep her eye on the prize

  • Now: She's an entrepreneur with her own clothing line knowing how to strike a pose

  • Then: Scott has had that cheeky smile since he was a young lad

  • Now: Buck squad OG member Scotty T knows exactly how to use his good looks on the lasses

  • Then: Nathan's hair was in perfect shape even at the tender age of 5

  • Now: He's got his image preened to perfection and he knows exactly how to work the camera

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    Gaz must have been the most adorbs 5-year-old ever seen, right?!

    Howay!!! How our Geordie lads and lasses have changed!

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    Check out the cutest snapshots of the Geordie Shore cast at the tender age of being 5-years-old – aren’t they just adorbs?!

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    Wednesday, 13. April 2016