Justin Bieber Admits He's Just As 'Hooked' On Geordie Shore As We


With actually being totally convinced, that Ellie Goulding is the numero uno celebrity fan when it comes to Geordie Shore, it turns out, we were all wrong. Because, no one other than Justin Bieber also won’t get enough of Charlotte Crosby and co.

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Recently speaking to the Daily Star, the Biebes revealed: ‘I was over in England last year and caught Geordie Shore on MTV. And those guys are insane.​ I mean, we had Jersey Shore over here. But these guys on Geordie Shore are on another level. It’s kind of got me hooked.​ I always watch it whenever I can now, just to see what they can get up to next.’

Why-aye WHAT?! We cannot!

​He continued: ‘They party way harder than I have ever been able to. The guys look like a lot of fun and the girls are hot, but there is no way I would ever be able to keep up with them!’

PS at Justin: We’re sure they’re game if you are.

Tuesday, 12. April 2016