MTV Movie Awards: The Most Jaw Dropping Moments Ever

  • MTV Movie Awards: The Most Jaw Dropping Moments Ever >>>

  • Setz Rogen and Danny McBride drop their trousers for Zac Efron

  • Amber Rose and Amy Schuler get hot 'n heavy.

  • Halle Berry promotes Swordfish with telling everyone they'll see her boobs in the movie.

  • Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams re-enact the The Notebook "kiss scene" on stage!

  • James Franco and Seth Rogen smoke "weed" on stage.

  • R-Patz and Taylor Lautner put their differences aside and share a passionate kiss.

  • Tom Cruise appears as Less Grossman and performs a killer dance routine with J-Lo

  • Vin Diesel sings "See You Again" in tribute to Paul Walker!

  • Eminem gets a face full of Bruno as he lowers down from the ceiling in an errrrrm quite revealing outfit.

  • Rita Ora rips off Zac Efron's shirt while he accepts an award.

  • Ellen DeGeneres gets her spidey on.

  • Rainn Wilson talks to Megan Fox with wearing nothing but flowers.

  • Sandra Bullock and Scarlett Johansson kiss... yep that actually happened!

  • Justin Timberlake gets very friendly with Mila Kunis.

  • Seth Rogen kisses his "Mum" on stage... it got weird.

  • Ben Stiller smooches "Puffy" the pooch.

  • Dave Franco and Zac Efron accept their award totes in character.

  • Aubry Plaza pulls a "Kanye" as she tries to steal Will Ferrel's award.

  • Channing Tatum twerks...

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    Sandra Bullock and Scarlett Johansson making out? Jap, that actually happened.

    With the 2016 MTV Movie Awards just around the corner, we’re totally buzzing and naturally have nothing else in mind… we’re just way to excited. And with thinking back at all of these blasts from the past, we’re pretty sure that our excitement is more than reasonable and appropriate.

    So why not take a(nother) trip down memory lane and look back at the most jaw dropping moments of the MTV Movie Awards – so far… because who really knows what will go down on April 10 right?!

    Hosted by Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Kevin Hart, be sure to tune in for the big show starting, Sunday 10th to Monday 11th of April at 02:00, with the pre-show starting at 01:30 – only on MTV.

    Thursday, 07. April 2016