Geordie Shorts | Chloe Gets A Proper Kylie Jenner Make Over

Now who is who girls?!

After basically everyone just couldn’t stop talking themselves into a frenzy on the similarities between our Geordie lass Chloe and the youngest Kardashian family member Kylie Jenner, we decided to take matters into our own hands.

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So we set up a makeover for the Geordie star, just to see how much she really looks like the US reality star. And howay, you wont be disappointed.

But in an exclusive chat with us after her makeover, Chloe confessed she ACTUALLY thinks, tha she looks like Kylie at all. Chloe say what?!

I mean seriously, just look at the photographic evidence. Those eyes, that pout. Common Chloe, there’s no denying it. Separated at birth?

Wednesday, 06. April 2016